Monday, March 17, 2014

Lumia 520 As iPod Replacement

I do not know of too many people who regularly use an iPod, most seem to use their phone for music, apps etc. Kids seem to love to use phones, tablets as well.  You probably do not want to shell out a few hundred dollars for an iPod for a 5 years old.  I suggest getting the $59 Nokia Lumia 520.  It works just fine without a SIM card and is inexpensive enough that you can feel comfortable letting a child use it.  All of the music and video you could want is available from the Xbox Store.  While it is still lacking in apps, there are still plenty of apps for children including the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Check out the Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone on Amazon, still $59.

List of Windows Phone Apps for Kids / Families -

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