Friday, March 14, 2014

CRM 2013 Rollups and Version Numbers

One of the pain points with patching CRM is the risk of new feature breaking your existing code.  Microsoft has changed there strategy a bit when it comes to releasing rollups.

Going forward, rollups will only contain bug fixes and security patches.  This is great news given most of us have experienced a breaking change in a rollup!

Service Packs such as the upcoming Spring Update for CRM 2013 will contain new features.  The new features will be enabled by default but can be disabled with configuration.

Going forward, version numbers in CRM will follow this pattern:
6.0.0.* [Major.ServicePack/minor.RollupNumber.buildnumber]

So after you apply rollup 1, the version will be 6.0.1.*.  This is a nice change and we can finally put away our build number / rollup mapping charts.

Thanks for this CRM Product Team!

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